HIFR Awards

At this year’s Christmas Party, the first in our new fire hall, we gave out some awards.

Iain Palmer received his 30 year service bar to fasten to his 25 year medal. The award comes with a certificate signed by the Governor General of Canada. While accepting his award Iain described what the old fire hall was like when he joined. At that point it consisted of only the radio room and the first two truck bays. All of the 15 members would be huddled around the room, crammed into corners for their meetings. Many thanks to Iain for his many years of service to the Hornby Island community.

Each year we give out an award to those members who attend 50 or more calls in a year. This year is our biggest year to date and six members got (or will get) awards this year:

  • Doug Chinnery with 122 calls
  • John Heinegg with 82 calls
  • Quana Parker with 73 calls
  • Paula Courteau with 55 calls
  • Rob Lewis with 52 calls
  • Ian Emberton with 51 calls

Since the Christmas party we did a call at midnight on Christmas Eve and another one on Christmas morning. Ian Emberton attended both of those calls and as a result was a late entry into the “Club of 50”.

Thank you to all members of HIFR and the families who support us and tolerate our late night and Christmas day calls. Thanks, also for the immense amount of love and support that we receive from the community. It’s why we do it.

Merry Christmas to all!

3 thoughts on “HIFR Awards”

  1. Hornby Island owes you all a huge debt of gratitude for your dedication and delivery of critical services to our community. Many thanks and best wishes to you all for the New Year!

  2. Just a note to tell you all one more time how important you are to this community, and how much we appreciate all the time, effort and constant training that you dedicate to keeping us safe.
    A special thanks to Sasha, Al, John, Soledad and Maggie for last night.
    Brian and Judi

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